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Everquest Classic Database - BETA
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Everquest Classic Database - Cleric Spells

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Level Name Description Skill Mana Location
1 Courage Adds both hit points and armor class and can be cast on yourself and on others.
1 Cure Poison This spell will counteract poisons.
1 Divine Aura Divine Aura will grant you a temporary invulnerability to damage.
1 Flash Of Light This spell will temporarily blind your opponent.
1 Lull Lowers your opponents rage.
1 Minor Healing Heals damage done to your target.
1 Spook The Dead This is an undead fear spell.
1 Strike Strike is a direct damage spell.
1 True North Turns your character to face north.
1 Yaulp This spell endows the caster a brief surge of strength which not only adds to the casters strength but also to his armor class. The duration is very short but the spell also takes very little mana.
5 Cure Blindness This spell is used to cure blindness.